Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reversible Piped Vest for Boys and Free Pattern!

Who's ready for a fun boy pattern??? And an easy one at that! No buttons, no zippers, no pockets to worry about...say what?! Yep- this one's a doozy! A great beginner sewing project that can produce some fun results depending on the fabrics you choose. 

I'm only offering the 5T pattern since that's my son's size but I don't think this one would be difficult to size up or down as needed. (He's also on the smaller side of 5T so it could also be 4T- yep, I have some small kids!)

I used woven fabric for this and have not tried knits yet but I think it would work as well since this pattern is very simple. The extra stretch never hurts and would last awhile, right? Moms with kids will appreciate that- I know I do.

Now all you need to start is two contrasting fabrics, some piping, HeatnBond iron on adhesive, and your usual sewing tools and you're ready to go!

Download pattern here. Print the pattern with NO SCALING and match up the letters to form your pieces. It should look like the pieces below. There is a 3/8" seam allowance on the pattern.

Before we begin the tutorial, I would like to explain that this was my method of construction and it is by no means how a professional seamstress would probably go about it but it worked great for me and produced good results. Also, no zippers or buttons- woohoo! =D

Once your pieces are cut, follow step 2.

Repeat the piping for the other side of the vest and then you're ready to sew it to the back piece. Remember to pin right sides together and sew at the shoulder and down both sides. Also, I didn't finish my seams with a zigzag stitch since it will not be exposed. You can if your fabric tends to unravel too much but both of my fabrics were fine.

Repeat the above step for your second fabric by pinning right sides together and sewing at the shoulder and side seams.

Tada! Two matching pieces! Ready to make two into one? Ok- let's move on then!

Take one side of your vest and face it right side up by laying it out spread-eagle on a nice, flat surface.

Take your second piece and face it right side down on top of the first piece.


I also pinned around the armholes but DO NOT SEW them together! You won't be able to flip it inside out otherwise! Also, leave at lease 6 inches open at the bottom of the vest so you can do the flip.

Once it's flipped and pressed, this is what you should have!

I clipped just the bottom half of the armholes so they would fold down easier without bunching up.

I didn't take a picture of the HeatnBond step- but you basically cut a strip of it, place it between the folded edges at the opening at the bottom of the vest, and press with a hot iron. Once the strip has cooled off a bit, pull off the backing and you'll have a sticky adhesive on your fabric. Carefully line up the unsticky side of the fabric with the sticky side and press again with the iron and you're done! 
(FYI: you could totally apply a blind stitch to the opening as well, but I wanted this to be a quick and easy project so I went with the adhesive. It looks great either way!)

And he says he's a big fan of the croc print so it will be worn this way for awhile. =)


  1. He looks so proud of his vest :) I love the piping detail!
    Heidi @

  2. How fun is this! What a great vest. Love the yellow with the checkers! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Thanks for the pattern! I was easily able to size it up a bit for my tall 5-year-old--he'll be wearing it next weekend in his auntie's wedding! Here's my post about it (I linked to you):

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  5. Hey Julia,
    I found this vest on a pinteresst board and LOVE it. I made inner and outer parts ready, but the outer one is so much bigger than the lining. Shall I cut the outer one or shall I put the borders over each other? That would give some balloon style that your vest doesn't semm to have. Would be so happy to get an answer, although your post is somewhat older :-)
    Greetings, Irina (Berlin, Germany)