Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Sewing and Pattern-Making

Hello, hello! Yes, I'm still alive! I haven't had much time to sew lately due to a whole bunch of reasons that I'm happily putting behind me now. But I'm telling you now that I haven't been slacking- I've actually been testing out some patterns I've been wanting to make for fall in preparation for the fall Kids Clothes Week challenge. I will be releasing one pattern every week starting later this week up until KCW, which is taking place the week of October 21-27. That's THREE free patterns I've promised and I'm well on my way to accomplishing that! I've already got two designed and one is in testing!

My third pattern will be for boys- they wear clothes too, right? I've got two boys so I will be offering two sizes for that pattern. I've been wanting to make matching slim-fit cardigans in a fun knit fabric for them- what do you think? They'd be so awesome for fall photos!

As for the other two patterns, one is a dress that comes with three different sleeve options, a skirt or short bottom, and a cute ruffle collar. That will be in a size 4/5T and then the other pattern in testing right now is the ruffle waist pants (perfect for wearing with boots!) I'm making that available in a size 2/3T and 4/5T. Perhaps a 6T too if I have time to make and test it properly. I don't want to promise too much- I'm a busy woman already as it is but I love designing and sharing my work with you so I will try my darndest to get that 6T made if there's enough interest in the pattern. =)

Anyway, I also wanted to share an awesome version of my boy's reversible piped vest that Beth from Beth Being Crafty made for her little boy.

She sewed it up for a casual wedding. Doesn't it look so smart and styling without being too dressy? I love how it coordinates with her daughter's dress as well. Super nice job, Beth! Definitely hop over to her blog and check out her great post! Her kids are super darling and such wonderful models!

Well- that's it for me! I need to get back to cutting pattern pieces so I can hold to my promise of a new pattern release this week. I'm aiming for a Friday release but I also have a big paper due on Saturday for school so we will see. It may end up being a Saturday release after that big paper is finished and turned in but I do promise it will be this week! I really can't wait til you see this cute fall dress I'm putting together! And the ruffle waist pants are uber cute too! I think I may need to create a top to go with it...hmm...

Thanks for stopping by today! 

xoxo ~ Julia

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