Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Hello (Hi-Lo) Autumn Top and Cuffed Leggings

Hello everybody! I've been MIA for a week now but I'm back with TWO free patterns to make it up to you! I designed these two patterns a few weeks ago but finally found some time to squeeze in some sewing this past weekend while the kids were away! 

While that seems pretty cool, I did not put together a picture tutorial. Why? Because these pieces are simple enough to explain with a text-only tutorial. Haha- honestly, it was because I forgot to take pictures as I sewed and now that I've run out of time to sew, I must go ahead with a quick text tutorial. But that's all right because these pieces are a quick and easy sew and can be personalized to your heart's content.

I've been dying to make a bow-back top for my daughter. I know I'm probably about a season or two behind on this cute little trend, but better late than never, right? I mean, c'mon- look how cute it still looks! 

The leggings are simply two pieces (front and back) sewn together and cuffed at the ankles with a little waistband to hold them up. Took me a half hour tops and I even added a little detail to the inside of the knees for a little splash of color on the blue.

K is digging hearts these days ever since she learned how to draw them. She's drawn heart people, heart families, heart babies, hearts with the letters of her name in them...etc, etc. She's obsessed so why not add some heart appliques to the top, eh? She totally digs it and I know this will be a shirt she willingly digs out of her draw to wear. Score for mommy! =)

I love the back of the outfit. I guess this side makes me happy while the front side makes my daughter happy.

You can download both patterns at the bottom of this post! The instructions are included in the PDF but if you have any questions (because I can be rather confusing when I type too fast) please email me using
the email in the right hand column! 

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xoxo~ Julia

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  1. thank ou so much for sharing <3 hope I could try it soon:))

  2. Ack! Your patterns are adorable...and free!!! I live here lol!