Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kid's Clothes Week Day Two: Thermal Owl PJs!

Good morning! I've been in denial that it's no longer summer so I've held off making warm-weather clothes for as long as I could. THEN- we got hit with barely-above-freezing temps and I realized my poor babies were unprepared to battle the cold nights. They love their summer pjs but they don't keep the kiddos warm anymore. Plus- we live in our jammies most of the week so it was an obvious choice to make pjs next for my KCW Fall challenge. 

I used the Fancy Pants leggings pattern from Titchy Threads. I highly recommend this pattern! It's easy and you can use contrasting fabrics to make them interesting and you know how I love to mix patterns and fabrics! I drafted the top myself and added a little girly detail with the ruffles at the shoulders.

K doesn't like black that's why I needed to add the ruffles!

The thermal owl fabric is from Girl Charlee and so is the black ribbed knit. 

I think she's darling in these pants! I think they'd look great on any kiddo and they're super comfy! I actually went a size up for K because I wanted them to last all winter long and if you live in the Midwest, you know our winters last longer than the calendar claims it does!

Yep-so that's what I made for Day 2! I'm out of knit fabric for boys so I'll need to get some to make some jammies for my boys too. They just don't have very many cute prints for boys- at least I haven't found many that I actually like. Any recommendations???

Thanks for stopping by my little world! Stay tuned for my KCW sewing adventures- hopefully I'll be able to eek in a few more projects before the week is over!

xoxo~ Julia