Monday, October 21, 2013

Our 2013 Halloween Costumes: Adventure Time!

Happy October, everyone! I think I've posted all of two times only this month! I feel guilty although I know I shouldn't- I try to remember that my true full-time job is motherhood, not bloggerhood. But still, I feel like I need to post something every once in awhile because I have some great people reading my blog for inspiration --err--- why do you read my ramblings anyway? =) 

So yes, it is October and time for costume-mania! My kiddos must've changed their minds at least four times before they settled on their current obsession: Adventure Time. Luckily, that show has enough characters to cover even the largest of families! I made my three kiddos into the three main cast members of the show and man, I really think I have a future in COSPLAY!!! Whaddya think??? Lol!

I'd say out of the 50 pictures I took, the above one was the only truly good one of all three together. Kids are impossible to photograph well in groups. They were all pushing and shoving and playing with the pink wig.

Speaking of pink, well...K is mighty obsessed with that color so it's no surprise why she chose Princess Bubblegum. She even helped to choose the fabric at Joann's! 

My oldest is dressed as Finn the Human. I'm kind of proud of the backpack- I flew by the seat of my pants making those. I didn't even draft a pattern because I was lazy. I'll even share my tutorial for how I stitched it up without a pattern and you'll be making your own mini-backpacks the same way! You can make them into themed backpacks as well, which pssst, I plan to do for Xmas for the kiddos in my family! They're a quick sew and then I can stuff cute little toys or pjs inside them. I seriously have so many ideas that I can barely contain them!

And lastly, some bloopers because we know there will be many of those when shooting pics of kids, right? 

 If you're interested in the patterns for any of the costumes, let me know. I hand-drafted the boys' costumes and for the princess costume, I simply used pieces from patterns I'd created before since I make so many dresses for K. Eventually, I'll get around to tutorials for each one- before next Halloween, ha! 

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a lovely Halloween!

xoxo~ Julia

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  1. Julia made me an adult version of Jake the Dog's outfit and it turned out just as great as her little tot's.

    She also made my baby a Finn the Human costume like above– I'll have to share the pictures with you Julia!

    1. Thanks Luis! I look forward to seeing pictures very soon!!!