Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pattern Preview: The Kayla Dress

Hi everyone! This week is starting out pretty darn good for me. If you read my last post, I mentioned how I had a paper due at the end of the week but guess what??? It was due today! That's a good thing though! I managed to write it up and send it in late yesterday afternoon which left my whole evening open for SEWING!

I started this dress over the weekend and had to set it aside for more important things. I know, I know- what's more important than sewing?! But yes, there were actually more important things that needed doing- like buying a new car- that just had to happen before I could sit down before my sewing machine and test my patterns. So let's dive right in!!! I'm so in love with this simple fall dress!

My daughter named this the Kayla dress and this is just the first version I've made of it in some gorgeous Girl Charlee knits. I designed three different sleeve options as well as a skirt or short option. 

I also plan on adding a peter pan collar and an optional ruffle collar for a woven version. My next sew-up is the shorts version of the Kayla with possibly the peter pan collar. There are so many combinations to this pattern- it may take longer than I had planned!

I just love lace trim! Can you tell? I use as much of my vintage lace trim as I can! It's so pretty, who can resist? 

And I also love contrasting buttons. There's something so fun, quirky, and sweet about these colored buttons.

I love sewing with knits! It's so fast and easy, I don't know why so many people are afraid to sew with it. The best thing about knits: no fraying! 

Remember, this is just the first look from my Kayla dress pattern. I'll be adding another preview on Thursday of a second look and then I will put the pattern and tutorial up over the weekend! Later on down the road, I will add two additional sizes to this as well! I've decided to make a couple versions for my nieces so everyone else gets to benefit from that, ha! Lucky you!

All right- I gotta really jet out of here- got places to go, things to do! Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek! Please let me know what you think!!! Suggestions for the overall design? Tell me! I wanted to add pockets on the skirt or even a little one on the bodice but I like doing a simple version the first time around.

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo ~ Julia


  1. Love this little dress! The buttons down the front are too cute!

  2. This is beautiful and charming!

  3. A beautiful little dress!!! Love the elbow length sleeves...